Bakewell Crown of Arms

Specialist Longbow Makers

Pete Bakewell was introduced to archery by the late Les Howis back in the 1950's.

A joiner, like his father before him, they both worked for Les at the Creswell workshop, where the firm soon changed from building houses to making bows.

Pete helped Les design and make most of the original Les Howis bows and became Foreman Bowyer, before going back to joinery for a short period.

He always stayed in contact with the archery world and kept his friendship with Les and Mary Howis, returning to bowyery a few years later, at the request of Mary.

In the early years of the firm, people would visit the Creswell workshop to have bows custom built to their individual needs, and "Les Howis Bows" became well known for the personal touch.

Bakewell Coat of Arms

Pete was directly responsible for the quality and production of such classic bows as the Olympic TS4, Wooden Portland TD and Rebel (field bow), as well as working on such up-to-date models as the International Marksman limbs and development of the Ikon CNC Handle.

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Things for Pete seem to have gone full-circle in bow-making, and his interest now is using his years of experience and skill to make traditional Longbows, putting the fun back into archery (no carbon or stabilisers in sight).

When "Les Howis Bows" ceased trading in 1999, Pete was given permission by Les's daughter Louise to continue making the Rebel, as it has always been one of Pete's favourite bows from the 1950's.

Now known as the "Bakewell Rebel", it compliments the 4 longbows Pete already makes.

Currently Bakewell Bows and Woodcraft are making hand crafted English Longbows with the finest materials. Approximately 5 miles from the Major Oak, the heart of Sherwood Forest, Robin Hood Country.
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